About Us



After learning to sew as a kid on my great grandmother's vintage Singer, my creative passions took me on a corporate path for the better part of two decades.  A marketing major at B.C., I’m a publicist and event planner by profession, which means I get to work with some very cool emerging businesses here on the Cape. But after years of helping others grow their businesses and follow their dreams, I decided it was time to pursue one of my own.

I launched The Cape Cod Bag Company (originally as The Nauset Stitch Company) in 2014 and have been hustling between the sewing machine, ironing board, cutting table and embroidery machine ever since.  My products reflect my love of Cape Cod, the beach and the coastal vibes of New England (okay, you’ll see some dog items in there occasionally, too!).  I toil over every item, from initial design to final stitch.  I collect sewing machines and fabric like a crack addict.

As the business grows, so does the team, but I'm committed to insuring that all of the bags are handcrafted right here on Cape Cod!  I'm gradually assembling a team of extraordinarily talented sewists - all of whom live here and love, love, love to sew. Thank you Michele, Lori, Donna and Joelle. 

What you'll see on this website is a small selection of the products we make. If you have an opportunity to visit the  studio, you'll see an ever-changing mix of items, often the result of “playing with paint” or utilizing a small batch of fabric we got our hands on. We like to keep it fresh and fun!

When I'm not sewing, I still toil in the PR business, run, spend time on the beach and hang with my extra-large pups.

Thanks for visiting!  

- Marci